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Need Help Regulating Your Sleep Cycle

Whether you are jet lagged or getting back to your reality. Here are a few tips to help you get back on track.

Sleep Cycle Regulation

For instance, if you decide to go bed at 2am and wake up at 12pm.

Here is a sample of how to get on a new sleep cycle: Change your sleep pattern every 3 days your body will adjust every 72 hours. Use an alarm clock that is not next to you so that you have to physically get up out of bed and walk to your alarm clock. Once you are out of bed and have turned off the alarm go straight to the shower. Turn off all electronics half hour before bed time. Read a book for half hour and your eyes will grow heavy and allow for you to get the rest you need. If your eyes are heavy from the day get a book on tape or listen to a podcast for half hour. Make sure your eyes are not looking directly into the light of electronic devices and all lights in your bedroom where you sleep are turned off. (If your body sleep regulation needs less or more sleep you can use the guide provided and use your hours of sleep needed)

2am-12pm (10hours sleep)

1:30a-11:30p (10 hours sleep)

1:00a-10:30p (9.5 hours sleep)

12:30a-10:00p (9.5 hours sleep)

12:00a- 9:30p (9.5 hours sleep)

11:00p-8:30a (9.5 hours sleep)

10:30p-8:00a (9.5 hours sleep)

10:00p-7:30a (9.5 hours sleep)

9:30p-7:00a (9.5 hours sleep)

9:00p- 6:30a (9.5 hours sleep)

8:30p-5:00a (9.5 hours sleep)

8:00p- 4:30a (9.5 hours sleep)

Your body needs to receive 8-10 hours of sleep in order to help you regulate your cycle. When you lay in bed your body will start to associate resting/sleeping. Use your bed only for sleeping. TV should not be watched from your bed. Your mind and body will associate rest with your bed if you only use your bed for sleep. Get in the habit of jumping in the shower right when you wake up. This way your body will get in the habit of waking up and going straight to the bathroom. Once you jump in the shower think of three things you are thankful for in your mind while you are showering. For instance: your health, your ability to learn, and your family. Take an 8-10-minute shower use your alarm on your phone if you need help with keeping track of the time. Since you are waking up at 4-4:20am you will need to start giving yourself enough time to prepare for the following day. Do as much as possible before you go to bed (homework/reports/logs/agendas/proposals, getting your clothes ready, making your lunch, getting money for what you need (i.e.: lunch, school/work dues, etc.) this way you can rest knowing that the next day you are prepared. Buy a planner and write out your schedule. Use time to keep track of your tasks. Let’s say you have a homework assignment and in your mind it will take one hour. Use an hour of the day let’s say 5pm-6pm this way you can start to see how long things actually take versus how long you think they will take in your mind. Write in your planner how long a task actually took. It will seem like a lot of work in the beginning. It will get easier and it will benefit you and how you like to function. By having more control of your environment and what it is you are trying to accomplish. It will also help you understand time. It will help you with responsibility and being timely. This is not something anyone is taught. We are just expected to know. However, sometimes we get distracted and it can be frustrating to get back on task. Use time as your marker to begin and end tasks. Keep track of the time by using your phone or using a watch. These are simple steps anyone can take to get into a new pattern of behavior. To create new healthy habits and to be aware of time. I am writing out an example of your daily schedule.

4:20-4:30 am wake up jump in shower

4:30-4:40 am get dressed and leave the house

4:40-5:00 drive to your destination

5:00am-3:00 pm- school/work

3:00pm-depart from destination

3:00-4:45pm get home, relax, and eat

4:45-5:25 math homework/ emails/ logs

5:25-6:30 pm English homework/agenda/gains/losses

6:30-7:30 pm science homework/market/advertise/logs/agendas/timelines

7:30-8:30 pm relax (no electronics the blue light keeps you alert and prevents the brain from realizing it is time for bed)

8:30 -9:00pm get ready for bed, brush teeth, pick out clothes/ shoes/hair/makeup for the next day, pack a lunch, etc.

9:00 pm jump in bed

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