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Emotional Freedom Technique

A method using the meridian points on your body

  • 1 h
  • 175 US dollars
  • Online Session/ In Person

Service Description

A tapping session that will enlighten you. This helps people that struggle with an array of issues. Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Over Eating, Anger Management, A Strong Emotion and More. Emotional freedom technique (EFT), which people often refer to as EFT tapping, is an alternative therapy for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and some other conditions. According to the developer of EFT, Gary Craig, tapping on different parts of the body helps balance energy and reduce physical and emotional pain. People can see an EFT practitioner for treatment or treat themselves using this technique. There have been relatively few studies on EFT, but the body of research has grown in recent years. What is EFT and who uses it? EFT tapping may benefit those with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. EFT, also known as tapping or psychological acupressure, first came to prominence in the 1990s when developer Gary Craig published information about the therapy on his website. It involves tapping specific points on the body, primarily on the head and the face, in a particular sequence. While doing this, the person focuses on the issue that they wish to treat. According to EFT International, the technique can be helpful for people with: anxiety depression chronic pain stress weight loss issues other problems How does it work? As with acupuncture and acupressure, tapping involves the body’s energy meridian points, which are a concept in Chinese medicine. Proponents believe them to be areas of the body through which energy flows. In this theory, blocks or imbalances in the flow of energy lead to ill health. According to EFT advocates, tapping on these meridian points with the fingertips restores the balance of energy to resolve physical and emotional issues. It can also work in a similar way to mindfulness, as it can draw a person’s attention to their body and breathing. It may serve as a mental distraction from the issues that are causing anxiety or stress.

Contact Details

(661) 904-0043

24355 Creekside Road, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

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