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Self- Realization

Supporting you in a deep appreciation of self which remains with you regardless of negligible realities that you create.

Unconditional love has five parts to it which are as follows:


Recognize you are a Divine Being

Recognize that you create your own personal reality,

Recognize that whatever reality you create is okay

Recognize that you are on with all of Existence.




Supports the belief that someone has done someone has done something to you,

Which is virtually impossible. The reason for this understanding is that you create your own reality at every moment.


What is Forgiveness and what is the purpose?


Forgiveness is a beginning tool and movement toward gratitude for each experience or lesson, which you have created.


The word “feel” supports you in going deeper inside yourself. It helps you to recognize that you are love itself, while the movement inward intensifies your energy of self-love.


It is important to understand that it is okay to create challenging realities. It is not necessary to ridicule, chastise, or blame yourself for unpleasant realities, which you have manifested. These are just lessons that support you in your evolution of consciousness. In addition, they simultaneously support the Force in Its experimental evolution, because you and the force are one. There is no separation.


Note: at every moment you are creating your personal reality. At the Unconscious level, you are constantly requesting lessons, some more challenging than others. Therefore, there is only gratitude for anyone or anything that has supported you in your created experiences and your life’s journey. Consequently, there is no fear, blame, or criticism. There is only Thank You.


Having gratitude for a challenging experience releases you from the emotional attachment to it. It also supports you in the understanding that you are the creator of the situation and only you. The others, who are involved, are your supporters, not co-creators with you. You are always by yourself in the creation of your realities.



 The Affirmation


We love ourselves unconditionally

We forgive ourselves unconditionally

We love ourselves unconditionally

We feel ourselves unconditionally

We forgive ourselves unconditionally

We thank you



You are receiving a powerful affirmation that has been written for you. Let’s go on an inward journey inside of your being, supporting you in developing a deeper love of your being.


The Meaning of Affirmations


We represents the Unconscious and you working in Oneness with It. The Unconscious is the aspect of yourself that supports you in creating your reality. Therefore, you are letting it know that you are ready to love yourself unconditionally.

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