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Love Yourself

Self Love and Self Care. Often times we find ourselves being able to take care of others better than we take care of ourselves. What good is it doing us? The answer is - It isn't.

Start taking your power back. Love Yourself. You say well I do love myself. If you love yourself why are you putting yourself on the bottom of the list? Because you don't want to be selfish and other people in your life depend on you. Unless you have a little one under the age of five or an elderly parent that needs some assistance. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

One of the first steps is asking yourself for forgiveness. Will you forgive me?

Have the conversation with yourself. Trust me the voice will accept the apology. After forgiving yourself write a list of people that you would like forgiveness from. Remembering forgiveness is not for everyone else. It is for you. So you can stand in your power. Understanding that you are a human in the flesh with real raw emotions. The words "I'm Sorry." "Will you forgive me?" Have so much weight to them. Apologies are important. Accept your apology to yourself.

Speak these words to yourself. "I love you." How many times have you found yourself saying "you can't do anything right." "you are so dumb." "you are a failure." to name a few? Change your script. A new start would be to not say anything mean or rude to yourself at all. Start, Loving Yourself. Stand in your Power and allow for you to feel the respect you would like for others to have for you. Shifts will begin to take place and before you know it. "Boom" Some self love starts to grow. "I Love You."

Most importantly get to know your boundaries. If you don't know what a boundary is or how to create one. Let me start by saying if you ever the uncomfortable feeling that something isn't right. A boundary is most likely being crossed. Stand in your power and politely say. "I'm not comfortable." Whether it is a conversation, a gesture, a look, a tone, express that you are not comfortable politely. If the person turns it on you politely say "you have crossed a personal boundary for me and I am not comfortable with....." Unless you share the boundary that was crossed no one will know that they crossed it. Start mending and creating what you would like to have in your life.

Remember you are the person that spends twenty four hours a day seven days a week with you. You are loved. You are perfect even with all of your imperfections. You can make a difference in your life. Re-write your story. Tomorrow is a new day. Yesterday is no longer here. Be grateful for the learnings and stop judging yourself. You are right where you need to be. You are a human being and in the flesh you might have made some raw decisions. It is never too late to change the script.

Grab a sticky note and write these words- I Love You. Start looking at yourself in the mirror and change your self talk. Because if you love yourself you become that much more lovable.

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